Mark Beer
Mark Beer
3D Conceptual artist and illustrator

Mark Beer

3D Conceptual artist and illustrator


About Me

I am a freelance digital sculptor and character conceptual artist working from the UK.
I am also developing my own comic book series.
My work has been published many times over the years. IGN and Imagine fx being just 2 of these publications.
Currently I am sculpting conceptual work for 2 horror movies in production.
I sculpted Freddy Krueger for Factory entertainment as a statue . My goal is to sculpt for statue/toy comapnies full time.

Published works

"The big book of
contemporary illustration"(Anova books
company LTD)
"Corporation-the role playing book"
"Imagine fx magazine"
"Killer bitches of the zombie holocaust"
"Facility 31"
"The legend of Oakswamp and the mysteries of Ironwood".

Freelance work

I am open to all freelance work.However
my expertise lean towards conceptual art
and illustration.
Please feel free to contact me at the
given e-mail at any time.
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